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About me 

For a time in my life, a whole 17 years, I did not pay any attention to “esotericism” and even dismissed it until I had a lucid dream one night. This continued for several nights until I finally decided to deal with this topic and began to do some research. So, I sat in my flat with an extensive amount of literature and immersed myself in a broad spectrum of topics on esotericism. I went to astrologers, card readers etc...

A few years later I started propadeutic training in psychotherapy. Unfortunately, there I could not find answers which were consistent, convincing and right for me. It was, however, something good for me - my analytical skills became highly refined.

With the birth of my daughter and meeting my soul mate, my husband, and after completing many years of schooling to become a graduate astrologist with special training in different areas of astrology, I can proudly say that I have arrived at where I want to be.

I look forward to meeting you! 
Yours, Astrid Hogl-Kräuter   or   +43 / 676 / 575 48 07

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