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My speciality is your chance in life!

Have you already asked yourself many imes: “What is the real meaning of my life?” or “Why am I here?” or “Where is my path in life taking me?”

Are you looking for a deeper meaning to your life? Do you want to understand your feelings and needs better and, as a result of this, maximize your potential in order to have a more fulfilling life? Then you have come to the right place!

My speciality is figuring out your aim in life, but I also work on other topics. Or do you simply just want to know what awaits your in the near future? Or when developments or decisions will present themselves? Or which events and surprises surrounding love, your partner, and your job you can anticipate?

One of my ambitions is to find your spiritual and physical balance and also to open you to something new.  

Many clients say that I find “wounds” and that I help them to “clean” these wounds so that a change can take place...

I also practice the professional use of Osho Zen & Chuck Spezzano/psychological cards.

30 minutes / € 60,-
60 minutes / € 110,-

Appointments / consultations in my practice (see directions) by agreement via mail or phone possible.

Your direct “line” to me for times in-between or when there is a “burning issue” and you have to contact me quickly! 

€ 1,81 per minute

Anytime and uncomplicated AFTER PREVIOUS AGREEMENT. Short SMS (0676/575 48 07), mail ( or telephone.